Edge Business Concept Limited is a HR Service organisation, established in response to the increasingly popular option for SMEs to outsource their HR responsibilities to HR specialists, who can provide a variety of support functions without huge overheads.

We know that people are crucial to the growth of an Enterprise and their management cannot be left to chance, especially as talents are scarce with high rate of turnover in this sub-sector.

In the National Policy on MSMEs, one of the internal factors that encumber their growth and competitiveness is human skills. Organisations have since realized the importance of people to their businesses and recognized them as Human Capital.

Edge can support your organisation to achieve sustainable performance through Human Resource Management.

We know that organizations face different conditions based on the market in which they play, which is why we do not offer off the shelf solutions to our clients. At Edge, we listen, clarify and evaluate your business needs before offering recommendations. We understand that sometimes, challenges faced in general are fallouts of deep rooted concerns.