A Human Resource department is a critical part of any Enterprise, irrespective of the size. Edge offers Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) the prospect of creating a fully functioning HR Department, externally.

Rather than the owners trying to figure out handling employee management and HR strategy, we help them get ahead with all their HR concerns and they can focus on the operational concerns of running the Business.

Edge will support you to develop straightforward HR strategies that are aligned to your overall strategy, geared towards achieving your organisational goals and objectives.

We will manage all HR concerns of your workforce, ranging from designing your HR Processes, Employee Handbook, handling Conflict Resolution, Crafting your Organisational Culture, Learning & Development, putting a Compensation & Benefit structure in place, Talent Management; down to succession planning, defining Job Descriptions and Recruitment.

We also render stand-alone services, in the aspects detailed below-



We live in a service economy and Enterprises no longer compete by increasing production, there is an increasing demand from customers for top-notch services and quick response to the needs of the territory.

Organisations that are fast, flexible, focused and friendly compete best in his market. Through the creation of an organizational culture, these qualities can be internalized by employees at all levels.

Our knowledge and skills will assist your organisation in creating a culture of performance, which in return, will influence your competitive advantage – your human capital.



If Enterprises are to compete effectively in the market place, they have to recruit highly qualified employees from the labour market, which is already plagued with scarcity of skilled labour.

Inadequacies of Enterprises in discovering, attracting and selecting the right employee for vacant positions have been identified as some of the problems that shorten their lifespan and shouldn’t be left to chance and nature.

We can facilitate your employee recruitment efforts towards hiring the right fit by defining job descriptions and duties for the vacant position, search and screen qualified candidates and also guide you through the interviewing process.



We often hear the saying that dissatisfied customers’ share their experience with at least ten people, dissatisfied employees however; tells everyone they know about their experience. Compensation is often the most important motivation for work and it requires special attention to get it right.

A satisfactory compensation package creates satisfied employees and invariably, simplifies the creation of a brand for employers.

Edge can review what currently operates in your organisation and propose means of motivating your workforce through benefits that will not put a strain on your financial resources.